Pre-Made Fiber Optic Long Length Assemblies

West Penn Wire’s Indoor/Outdoor OFNP Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies are perfect for fiber optic installations within a building or between two buildings.

West Penn Wire can provide fully tested long length assemblies to allow Plug and Play fiber optic installation.

West Penn Wire Pre-Terminated Long Length Fiber Assemblies are built to your specifications using the best materials with highly skilled technicians in a environmentally controlled work space. All terminations are fully tested and ready for immediate installation.

We provide either 2 or 6 fiber Indoor/Outdoor OFNP OM1, OM3 OM4 and OS2 (Single-Mode) long length assemblies. The assemblies are terminated at each end with ST, SC, LC connectors. We can provide a Pulling eye on one end or Pulling Eye with Staggered Connectors. Provide the Part number with A, B or No designation. The length of fiber cable can range from 50ft up to over 1000ft.

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Connector Staggered with Pulling Eye
Note: Blank: No Pull-eye
A: Pulling Eye - One End
B: Pulling Eye + Connectors Staggered
C: 2 Pulling Eye - On Each End
D: 2 Pulling Eye + Connectors Staggered

LC - LC Both Ends
SC - SC Both Ends
ST - ST Both Ends
SL - SC to LC
TL - ST to LC
CT - SC to ST